The ZTL Naples with all the information on restricted traffic areas in the city.

February 12 2021
Pedestrian area in Chiaia in Naples: the Tar suspends the new Ztl

The new pedestrian area in the Chiaia area in Naples will not see the light since [...]

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February 6 2021
New pedestrian area in Naples: here are the areas included in the ZTL

News in Naples: a new pedestrian area is born, here are all the streets involved [...]

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August 7 2020
Piazza del Gesù in Naples becomes a Pedestrian Area: here are the streets involved

Finally, Piazza del Gesù in Naples and the surrounding streets are transformed into a Pedestrian Area [...]

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June 22 2019
Naples, the pedestrianization projects via Coroglio and ZTL Bagnoli approved

The pedestrianization projects via Coroglio and ZTL Bagnoli in Naples have been approved. It [...]

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May 12, 2018
ZTL Marechiaro in Naples for summer 2018: timetables, gates, prohibitions and permits

The ZTL Marechiaro in Naples is also active for the summer of 2018. Here is the info on [...]

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22 September 2017
ZTL at the Centro Direzionale in Naples with pedestrian area: active from 1 October 2017

The new ZTL with pedestrian area at the Naples Business Center will be active from 1 October [...]

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May 23, 2017
ZTL Marechiaro in Naples for summer 2017 with extension of timetables

The timetables of the ZTL Marechiaro in Naples extended for the summer 2017!

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July 23 2016
ZTL Marechiaro in Naples: telematic gates and a new bus line arrive

A telematic ZTL will be active in the Marechiaro area in Naples: here are the summer timetables and the [...]

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February 3 2016
ZTL Ancient Center of Naples: unified the gates and new timetables from February 2016

In the ZTL Centro Antico of Naples the telematic gates have been unified and enter [...]

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December 9 2014
ZTL Historic Center of Naples: changes and new bus lines

The ZTL of the historic center of Naples will undergo changes for the opening times [...]

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January 22 2014
Ztl Tarsia-Pignasecca-Dante in force since 22 January 2014. Here's where the electronic gates are

The Ztl of the historic center is again in force in the Tarsia-Pignasecca-Dante area. Here are the methods and [...]

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October 25, 2013
Ztl Tarsia - Pignasecca - Dante: new roads closed to traffic in Naples

The new Ztl Tarsia - Pignasecca - Dante will come into force from 29 October 2013. [...]

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