50 minutes to Capodimonte, guided tour to discover classical mythology

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A fascinating free guided tour to deepen the mythological theme in the prestigious Farnese collection!

The beautiful Museum of Capodimonte of Naples, from last 12 January 2015, is the protagonist of "50 minutes to Capodimonte", the stimulating free guided tour aimed at deepening the classical mythology within the Farnese collection.

The review, open to the public until February 17 2015, represents a further celebration of the amazing collection kept at the prestigious museum complex.

An invaluable collection of masterpieces, paintings and paintings inherited from Elisabetta Farnese, mother of King Charles of Bourbon.

An artistic wealth that over the years has recounted the art and history of Naples through the works of Tiziano , by Annibale Caracci, Parmigianino, Caravaggio, Simone Martini and numerous acquisitions from the Borgia and d'Avalos collections.


Capodimonte is, without a doubt, one of the greatest boast of the city in Europe and in the world. It contains the testimony of the Naples of the '500, a powerful and flourishing Naples, considered one of the main European capitals.

A hegemony achieved with the dynasty of the gods Bourbon, passionate about art, culture and good taste, the right qualities that have made the cultural and historical heritage of Naples so special, precious and envied.

Information about 50 minutes to Capodimonte

When: from the 12 January to the 17 February 2015
Where: Museum of Capodimonte via Miano 2 Naples
Schedule: 11.00, 13.00, 16.00 and 18.00 hours (Wednesday closed)
Ticket price:

  • Admission to the 7,50 museum €
  • Free guided tour

Information: 081 7499130 - 081 7499151 (10.00-13.00 hours and 15.00-18.00 hours)

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