Acerra, guided tour of the Museum of Pulcinella and Giropizza

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Guided tour of the Baronial Castle, the Museum of Pulcinella and Giropizza with tasting of typical local and Campania products in Acerra

For this Sunday 25 January 2015 we propose an event artistic-culinary in Acerra, a town in the hinterland of Naples, organized by the Econote cultural association.

The appointment is in front of the Baronial Castle of Acerra that houses the famous Pulcinella Museum, the symbol of folklore and peasant civilization. It will offer you the opportunity to visit the Library which, with its about 2000 volumes, cassettes and DVDs on popular traditions and on Pulcinella, will introduce you to the local folkloristic and anthropological history.

The visit will last about an hour and a half and will end at the Totò e Sapori di Acerra pizzeria, where the participants will taste a Giropizza and the typical products of Campania which are part of the culture and traditions of Acerra.

This event that contains in itself three fundamental aspects to know a territory, ie its history, its popular traditions and food and wine, aims to re-evaluate the city of Acerra, battered by environmental degradation linked to the disaster of the so-called Land of Fires.

Booking is mandatory and in case of rain the event will be canceled.

Information on the visit to the Pulcinella Museum

Where: at the Baronial Castle, exit Asse mediano Acerra-Casalnuovo
When: on January 25, 2015
Ticket price: 20 € Econote membership card (valid for all events of the Econote association)

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