Elena D'Amario and Massimiliano Caiazzo did not leave each other

Thursday, 25/05/2023
Frances Orelli
Elena D'Amario Massimiliano Caiazzo

Elena D'Amario and Massimiliano Caiazzo (Mare Fuori), after the rumors circulated yesterday about their alleged breakup, deny everything in their own way: the question and answer on social media that made fans dream.

Elena D'Amario, the professional dancer of Friends, and Massimiliano Caiazzo, the actor of Sea Out, as we know they are very reserved and yesterday too, despite the rumors circulating about one of them break, have not denied nor confirmed the rumors. However on social media they left a very important clue and that made the fans breathe a sigh of relief.

What happened? In a post, published in stories by Deianeira Marzano, D'Amario showed up in a well-known location of Santorini, where he would be spending the holidays together with Caiazzo. And, confirming that they are together, a comment from theactor of Mare Fuori, who wrote below the post:

"Light everywhere."

Un very sweet comment and to which, among other things, D'Amario herself replied, writing below:

"Yours with me."

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Elena D'Amario and Massimiliano Caiazzo, no crisis in sight, the two deny everything on social media.

Between Elena D'Amario and Massimiliano Caiazzo, as also confirmed by the anonymous source arrived at Deianeira Marzano, there would be no crisis, far from it: the two are always together and seem happier and more in love than ever. The actor, in his latest stories (which however did not last long, in fact they disappeared after a few seconds), clearly showed that he was in Greece, even if it is not known whether for work or for vacation, so it is possible that the Amici's professional dancer joined him to spend time together.

Like yesterday, however, they have not commented on the rumors spread by the gossip, preferring to enjoy their love story or, if it isn't there yet, their attendance. More headaches are on the way for the paparazzi and social investigators, because the two directly involved continue not to speak and the curiosity of the fans is increasingly skyrocketing. Who knows if, one day, they will decide to do it?

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