The Carnival party "A Mascarata" is back in Montoro: a month of events

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A month of fun opens Avellino thanks to the event”In Mascara” which takes place in various locations in Irpinia, including Montoro. The event will offer exciting shows for everyone, young and old, to share and experience together generation after generation.

La Masquerade, in reality, has already begun with a large festive parade in the Piazza di Pandola hamlet which took place on January 29 2023but there will be others 7 celebrations which will cover the entire Carnival period in Campania.

Also this year we are pleased to present an exciting show that will revive moments of joy and fun that our Ancestors have handed down to us. AND. in their memory we want to retrace the period of the year in which we forget, even if only in part, the problems of our daily life. Sure to involve all the guests (big and small, young and old) we want to wish a Carnival, with us, full of fun and laughter.

The program of the fashion shows

Here is the list of fashion shows scheduled in Montoro and in various locations in Irpinia.

  • January 29 2023 – 15.30 pm: Piazza di Pandola
  • February 05 2023: S. Pietro and S. Eustachio
  • February 11 2023: 15.30 pm: Piazza di Pandola
  • February 12 2023: Morning: Baronissi – Afternoon: Torchiati
  • February 17 2023: Solofra
  • February 19 2023: Floor
  • February 21 2023: 15.30 pm: Piazza di Pandola

Contacts and information

  • Where: Irpinia
  • When:
    • Sunday February 05 2023
    • Saturday February 11 2023
    • Sunday February 12 2023
    • Friday February 17 2023
    • Sunday February 19 2023
    • Tuesday February 21 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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