Anchovies al Calice 2024, new events with tastings and show cooking

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After the 2023 appointments, Anchovies in the glass It also returns in 2024 with new events to celebrate the harmony between fine wines and authentic local cuisine. The admirers offood and wine are invited to live an unforgettable experience. In addition to the 2023 appointments (17 and 24 November, 1 December) it is now the turn of those for the current year: 19 26 and January, all on Friday. The evenings are transformed into an exploratory journey into the rich culinary and winemaking tradition of the area.

Viceregal Tower as location

The choice of Viceregal Tower as the epicenter of “Chalice! Alici al Calice” transforms this historic place into a lively stage full of history. This ancient building, with its fascinating “Cellar Museum”, it becomes the ideal setting for a meeting between past and present, where every sip and every bite tells a story.

Wine tastings, good food and show cooking

The beating heart of “Calice! Anchovies in the glass” is the perfect combination of wine tastings selected e exquisite dishes, enriched by performances by showcooking. The "Grapee" experts and local producers lead participants on a unique sensorial journey, mixing flavors and stories. From evenings dedicated to the "Taste of the sea versus that of the mountain" to tasting journeys among the "Excellencies of the gulf", each event is a feast for the senses, a tribute to food and wine culture.

Contacts and reservations:

limited places (max 40 people) booking is recommended

  • WhatsApp +39 3894770914
  • Where: cetara
  • When:
    • Friday 17 November 2023
    • Friday 24 November 2023
    • Friday 01 December 2023
    • Friday January 19 2024
    • Friday January 26 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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