2018 Carnival at the Agnano Hippodrome in Naples: free with masked party, puppets and ponies

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Big free 2018 Carnival party at the Agnano racecourse in Naples with puppets, costumes, baby dance, readings and ponies!

Also 'Racecourse of Agnano prepares to celebrate the big one Carnival e Sunday February 11 2018 there will be an ad hoc event designed for adults and children.

It will be the Carnival day with free admission, a party where all families will have a world with animation, baby dance, confetti, masks, puppet theater, big jumping, face painting, streamers and the most beautiful costume will be rewarded.

Adults can participate in the masked parade and dance with group dances and, together with their children, they can take original and joyous selfies, which will become fantastic Memory picture thanks to the scenography set up by the Hippodrome. The Carnival, however, does not end here because there will also be animated reading, fantastic fiction, creative activities, pony rides and lots of fun in the playground.

Carnival program at the Agnano Hippodrome

Pm at 13.00 17.00

  • Big Carnival Party - Entertainment, group dances, team games
  • Parade of masks for adults and children by Casper Animation
  • Animated reading by Milena Edizioni
  • Photo memory by Fabiana Mele

From time to 12.00 16.00

  • Walks on ponies


  • Harness racing - National pony racing championship

Carnival lunch


Whoever wants, can also join the Carnival lunch with traditional dishes, booking at 3804296147.

Menu for adults

Lasagna Neapolitan, white vegetable lasagna, sausages with sauce and grilled, baked potatoes, broccoli, fresh fruit, chatter and black pudding, mineral water, white and red wine, coffee. Price: 20 euro.

Kids menu

Penne with tomato sauce, cutlet, potato chips, coca cola. Price: 8 euro.

Information on the Carnival at the Agnano Hippodrome

When: 11 February 2018

Where: Hippodrome of Agnano, via Raffaele Ruggiero 1

Schedule: by 12.00


  • admission and free events
  • menu, for those who want it: 20 euro adults | 8 euro children

Menu reservations: 38042961 47

Info: 0817624161 | Facebook page | Official site

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