2018 Carnival in Naples with exhibition, tasting and a brand new cake in a historic patisserie in the old center

aperisciu, sweet of dry pastry for the 2018 carnival in Naples
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In a historic pastry shop in the ancient center of Naples, a special dessert tasting will be held, accompanied by a photographic exhibition and an exclusive dessert for the 2018 Carnival.

The 8 February 2018 the event will be held at the Seccia pastry shop in the historic center of Naples Chatting in the Neighborhoods, the first of the events that will have thematic the combination of art and food and traditional sweets and dedicated from time to time to the sweet of the month.

In honor of the Carnival there will be one special tasting of chatter and black pudding and in the pasticcieria it will be possible to admire a small one exhibition of Neapolitan photographers Francesca Cilento and Lidia De Campora entitled "Mitoraj in Pompeii, timeless faces" that will explore through the photographs one of the symbols of the carnival: the mask.

For the first appointment, the confectionery chose how sweet of the month one of his most recent creation: the Aperisciù. This is a cream puffs with almond and hazelnut craquelin, filled with cream flavored with mojito, pina colada and daiquiri and surmounted by a red, blue and white star. The colors of the decorations were chosen in honor of the beloved Cuban flag Diego Ramando Maradona, to whom the dessert was dedicated.

The photographic race

During the event on February 8, those present will be invited to take photographs and post them with the “Latin American” hashtag on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages of the Pastry shop. Subsequently, the race will continue in the footsteps of the French film "The Fantastic World of Amelie": amateurs and enthusiasts will have to take a photo of a panorama, a church, a fountain or an ancient Neapolitan building with a smartphone, tablet or reflex camera. featured hashtag on any medium. The most beautiful photo, at the sole discretion of the pastry staff, will become the cover of the social pages after the 31 May.

Information on Chatting to neighborhoods

When: 8 February 2018

Where: Seccia pastry shop, via Concordia 66, Naples

Schedule: 18:00

Price: free entry

Contacts: Facebook event | Pastry Facebook page

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