Epomeo Carnival in Naples with shows, street food, parades: the program

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The event of the Carnival Pomeo 2023 manages to stand out also thanks to the excellent organization, entrusted even to Luigi Ferrone and Corona Paone, first dancers of the Teatro San Carlo and holders of the "Crown Ballet" Dance Academy. The Carnival event will take place from Saturday 18 February until 21 February 2023or Shrove Tuesday.

A set of shows and initiatives that will highlight all the many Neapolitan traditions legal to the Campania Carnival, therefore also specialty Typical of this holiday, in fact there will be stand di street food carnival themed.

In addition, i will be awarded "CARNIVALEPOMEO 2023" awards, in the following categories: Theater, Dance and Music, as well as career awards to show business personalities designated by the Organizing Committee.

The program for all days

Saturday February 18

  • Presentation by Chiara Cernicchiara and Ciro Bernardo
  • Parade of the Archibugieri and Flag-wavers of the SS Sacramento
  • DJ Stephan Vegas and Alessia Bertolini, Faith and Nerina, Seventh Heaven Band
  • Alleria Show with Mario Todaro and Pino Silvestri (60s/70s/80s)
  • Street urchins of Paleopoli – Crown Ballet
  • Tenor of the San Carlo Theater
  • Alessandro Scotto di Luzio
  • First Dancers Teatro San Carlo
  • Luisa Ieluzzi and Danilo Notaro (Dance Award)
  • Antonello Rondi (Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • Cover Band U2 Bono Vox

Sunday February 19

From 10:00

  • Children's Carnival
  • Dance Schools: Oasi Dream Dance and Arte Danza
  • Fil Rouge Music & Events
  • Let's sing the music together on TV, the most beautiful TV theme songs from the 60s onwards
  • Zaky Animation Talea Lounge and Enchanted Garden

Starting at 16: 30

  • DJ Stephan Vegas and Faith and Nerina
  • Rosaria MallardoBand
  • Sahara Dancer (Belly Dance)
  • Romeo Barbaro's Tammorre
  • I remember for 100 years since the birth of Aurelio Fierro
  • Plaque delivery to his wife Marisa
  • Concert with Fabrizio and Aurelio Fierro
  • DJ music with Stephan Vegas follows

Monday February 20

Carnival to…Sing (Caliendo Academy) with the participation of:

  • Gianfranco Caliendo (historical voice of the Giardino dei Semplici until 2012)
  • Gianni Averardi (historical founder of the Giardino dei Semplici and drummer until 1980)
  • Metropolitan Angels (gospel/R&B group)
  • Francesco Lettieri (winner of the Recanati Musicultura Award 2019 and of "Music against the Mafias" 2020)
  • Lino Galiero (winner of the Naples Film Festival 2020)

Tuesday 21 February (Mardi Gras)

  • Joy Show
  • Ines Rodríguez
  • Carlo Faiello (Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • Gennaro de Crescenzo
  • Silvia Falanga
  • Misha
  • Mario Cavallini with the soprano Miriam Artiaco

Contacts and Information

  • Where: via dell'Epomeo in Naples
  • When: from Saturday 18 February 2023 to Tuesday 21 February 2023
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