Social Carnival of the 2019 historic center in Naples: "Vir bbuon - miettete 'e llente"

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Do not miss the parade of the social Carnival of the 2019 historic center in Naples: an event dedicated to fun and joy

If you love carnival parties, do not miss the Social Carnival of the 2019 Historical Center a Napoli. A truly unmissable event, full of fun, promoted by Strummolo network.

After all, Carnival is undoubtedly one of the most popular parties for both adults and children and for this reason the Social Carnival of the Historic Center 2019 gives you an appointment Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 15.00 with a marvelous parade through the streets of the ancient center in Naples.

The theme of this year's Social Carnival in the Historic Center is "Vir bbuon - miettete 'e llente"And the start of the parade is scheduled fromformer Asylum Filangieri in vico Maffei, cross street of via San Gregorio Armeno.

For the occasion, you can also participate in gods free workshops for the preparation phase of the Chariot and of the 5 March fashion show which will take place at the Historic Center of Naples. As already mentioned, these are free workshops, but those who wish can freely leave a small contribution for the purchase of materials. The important thing, however, is to book.

How to book laboratories

In this regard, all you have to do is send a message on the page Strummolo - Social Carnival Historical Center or on the whatsApp numbers of the Oltrelascuola after school, to the numbers of Future Reality - Wellness Training Education or contact the relevant page A large green lawn.

Some workshops have taken place and the last date is set for Saturday 2 March 2019 at the Asilo, Vico Maffei 4, from 16 to 18 pm, for the construction of the float and glasses for the parade. Finally, do not miss the scheduled show Tuesday 5 March, an event dedicated to fun and happiness.

Information on the social Carnival of the 2019 historic center in Naples

When: parade Tuesday 5 March 2019

Timetables: 15.00

Where: Historic Center - Naples

Ticket price: free event

Info and contacts: Facebook page

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