Free concerts in Maiori in the Arena del Mare with the live of the Bennato brothers

Eugenio and Edoardo Bennato
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The live of the Bennato brothers and other live performances with great masters among the free concerts in the Arena del Mare in Maiori!

In 'Arena of the Sea of ​​Maiori part one three days of free concerts in which the main protagonists will be the Bennato brothers.

The live music program starts on August 26 and continues on August 28 and 30, 2020 and will be on the very first night Eugenio and Edoardo Bennato to present their own musical show "Reality cannot be this". It is based on a song written during the months of the lockdown and which will now also come to life on stage.

The free concerts in Maiori are part of the great music OPENart Campania, organized by Scabec in various places in the region. The calendar of these three days also includes the performances of the master Bruno Venturini with the Naples Acoustic Ensemble and piano duo Maiello - Caponi, in the concert "Neapolitan Suites by Antonio Maiello".

Reservations required and anti-Covid rules

To attend the concerts is required to book (consult the contacts at the end of the article) and wear the mask during access and stay in the stalls. Furthermore, the social distancing.

Concert program in Maiori

August 26th

Eugenio and Edoardo Bennato they will bring to the stage, blending them in a perfect balance, their very different musical styles. Eugenio with his ethnic music and from the Mediterranean rhythms it will travel on its track meeting with the folk rock by Edoardo full of irony.

The song "Reality cannot be this”Was written jointly, with music by Edoardo and text by Eugenio and speaks to us of the contemporary difficulty of being close and communicating due to a world that is increasingly about the virtual.

August 28th

The show is staged "BRUNO tells and… VENTURINI sings!”In which the master Bruno Venturini tells anecdotes of his career taken from the book, which he wrote,“ A voice that has moved the world ”, edited by Gianni Mauro and with a preface by Pippo Baudo.

The acting show will be interspersed with the interpretation of classic Neapolitan songs and by music by the Neapolis Acoustic Ensemble.

August 30th

The concert of piano duo Maiello - Caponi: “Neapolitan Suites by Antonio Maiello”. The duo will thrill us with one jazz and ethnic reinterpretation of classic Neapolitan songs.

Information on concerts in Maiori

When: 26, 28 and 30 August 2020

Where: Arena del Mare in the Port of Maiori (SA)

Timetable: 21.00

Price: free

Info and reservations:

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