Jazz concert with the voice of Vesuvius: a free original live at high altitude

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In September, 2019 Vesuvius will play a jazz concert: the magic of science in Naples!

The first jazz concert of the volcano of Naples will be held on Vesuvio (quota 1000 meters) the 21 September 2019: scientists will translate the voice of Vesuvius into notes and the best musicians in the city will improvise a memorable one free jam session.

Jazz is the improvisation music par excellence: they could not be other than jazz musicians, therefore, those who will accompany the Vesuvius in his first concert.

During the concert a group of scientists will use highly sophisticated equipment to transform the underground sounds in musical notes through the use of electromagnetic pulses. This very special way of making music is called E - Music (electromagnetic music) and produces unpredictable notes. 

No one will be able to predict which notes will be "played" by Vesuvius during the concert, not even the musicians of Marco Guidolotti's jazz quartet, who will then be called to improvise on the spot the musical accompaniment for the "voice" of Vesuvius: a very ambitious one scientific and musical challenge.

Information on the Vesuvian Jazz and Roks Concert

Where: Vesuvius, Naples

When: 21 September 2019

Price: free event

Timetable: 16: 30

Info: Facebook event

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