Cumana di Napoli: history, schedules, prices and stops

Cumana di napoli, prices, timetables and stops
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All the details on the Cumana di Napoli: the stops, the history, the timetables and the prices.

An overview of the Cumana Railway that covers the Montesanto - Torregaveta section.


La Cumana railway of Naples it is one of the main public transport routes in the Phlegraean area. Inaugurated in 1892, it was actually already in service since 1889.

Established as a steam railway, with the intent of providing an economic rail transport linking Naples and Torregaveta via Pozzuoli and Cuma, it was finally electrified in the 1927.

During the construction of the Mostra d'Oltremare (1936 - 1940) saw its track changed in the fuorigrotta area with the burying of the tracks and the construction of the tunnel up to "Mostra", works that were carried out in 1938 when the "Società per le Ferrovie Napoletane" took over the SEPSA (Company for the Exercise of Public Services Anonymous).

During the 2005 work began on the rebuilding of the Montesanto station, then completed in 2008.

The Cumana is connected, through the Montesanto terminus, both with the Funicolare that with the Subway 2 Line with Montesanto station a short distance away.

In recent years, the Cumana has been seen protagonist of the news of local transport due to numerous disservices that have led to the end of the users and staff.


La Cumana it operates in 2 different time slots, weekdays and holidays.

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iOS we recommend that you visit the article dedicated toCumana timetable app.

The stops

  • Montesanto
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  • Fuorigrotta
  • Show
  • Edenlandia
  • Agnano
  • Bagnoli
  • Spas
  • Gerolomini
  • Cappuccini
  • Pozzuoli
  • Shipyards
  • Happy Arch
  • Lucrino
  • Bay
  • Fusaro


Following the increases in ticket prices that will come into force from the 15 June 2017, to move on Cumana of Naples, il EAV company ticket from 1,20 € will increase to 1,30 €. The ticket entitles you to a single ride along the Suburban stops.

You can also use the integrated ticket (TIC) from 1,50 € that allows to make a race on each of the means of the companies of the consortium. We advise that too the price of ICT will increase to € 1,60.

Tickets with non-increased prices can be used while stocks last.

Outside the latter, it is necessary to purchase a ticket of the appropriate range.

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