Women and Girls in Astronomy: free appointments at the Capodimonte Observatory

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For the International Women's Day, as well as Girls in Science, the INAF (Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory) organized the free event dubbed “Women and Girls in Astronomy” which includes several appointments to tell the history of science and female scientists.

The objective of this initiative is clear and fundamental: promote the role of women in the world of science, especially in the field astronomical. Astrophysics is a discipline that offers many opportunities for career and personal growth, and this series of days is intended as an opportunity to make these possibilities known to everyone, especially young women who very often feel set aside compared to the male. No, science industry jobs are not alone roba by men.

At the moment they are three dates, the last one will fall on March 8, where the role of the woman in contributing to the development of astrophysics, and encouraging young women to pursue this career.

The event also aims to make people reflect on the importance of promoting diversity and inclusiveness in science, and to encourage women and girls to continue pursue their dreams and to realize their potential in this field.

The program of the days

Scientific conversation with female astronomers

  • When: 10 February 2023
  • Working hours:: 20: 30
  • Arguments:
    Giuliana Russano: Journey around the Sun
    Marilena Spavone: At the edge of the galaxies

Scientific conversation with female astronomers

  • When: 24 February 2023
  • Working hours:: 20: 30
  • Arguments:
    Carmen Porto: Naples between the Moon and Mars

Discovering the dark universe: female scientists (Enrica Iodice)

  • When: March 8
  • Working hours:: 20: 30
  • Arguments:
    Scientific conversation with female astronomers
    Giulia De Somma: The stars that measure the cosmos: the legacy of Miss Leavitt
    Clementina Sasso: The magnetic sun and solar storms

Every appointment is price quotation, but despite this the entrance goes booked up su Eventbrite.

At the end of each appointment, the Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union will lead some experiences practices through observations at the telescope. Under the expert guidance of Neapolitan amateur astronomers, participants will have the opportunity to closely observe celestial bodies and to discover more about their history and meaning.

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