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Sunday September 25 2022 we will be called to vote to elect the new Parliament in Italy, in fact, the representatives of the House of Representatives and Senate of the Republic.

Voters will have to choose i 400 members of the House and of 200 members of the Senate voting the candidates of their choice who will then be elected according to the electoral law Rosatellum, which envisages both the majority system (with single-member constituencies) and the proportional system (with multi-member constituencies).
In fact it is a mixed system in which:

  • a part of the seats is assigned with the votes of single-member colleges which follow the majority method, therefore each party or coalition presents only one candidate and the most voted of all is elected;
  • the rest of the seats are assigned with through the colleges plurinominal in which a number of candidates are elected proportional the votes received by each list or coalition.

Subsequently, the new parliamentarians will elect the new government which will be the successor of the current Draghi government. In fact, the steps will be as follows:

  • the voters will express themselves with the vote;
  • the President of the Republic will hold consultations between the parties that have received the most votes;
  • after the consultations, the President of the Republic will instruct the new Prime Minister to form the new executive;
  • The Prime Minister will indicate the names of the Ministers;
  • the Government will take the official oath by law;
  • within 10 days of the nomination decree, the new Government will present itself in Parliament to obtain the vote of confidence.

Coalitions and parties presenting themselves to the elections

Of course, on 25 September we will have to vote for our representatives by choosing from many candidates who will present themselves with their own party. The parties will be able to compete alone or united in coalitions with other parties.

Here are the main sides in the running for the vote:

  • the coalition of center with the parties of
    • Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy),
    • Matteo Salvini (League) e
    • Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia);
  • the coalition of center left, with
    • the PD of Enrico Letta,
    • + Europe by Emma Bonino,
    • Verdi and Sinistra by Angelo Bonelli e
    • Civic commitment by Luigi Di Maio;
  • il Third Pole by Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda;
  • il Movement 5 Stars by Giuseppe Conte;
  • Popular Union with De Magistris formed by:
    • Power to the People,
    • Communist Refoundation,
    • Manifest,
    • DemA-Democracy and Autonomy
  • ItalExit by Gianluigi Paragone;
  • possibile by Giuseppe Civati.

The programs of the main parties and coalitions

Here are the details of the programs presented by the parties and coalitions:

The times to go to vote

The elections will take place only on Sunday 25 September 2022 in the times that go from 7.00 am to 23.00 pm.

How to vote: ballots and choices

You will have two tabs available:

  • one for the House of Representatives;
  • one for the Senate of the Republic.

On each we can read:

  • il name of the candidate in the single-member college;
  • i symbols of each list or the symbols of coalition lists for the plurinominal college. Next to the list symbols are the names of the relevant candidates in the plurinominal college.

Here are the alternatives to vote. Under each facsimile the relative voting example is indicated.

If you draw an X on the name of the single-member candidate we also vote for multi-member constituencies: the vote will be divided among the lists under the name of the single-member candidate.

If you draw an X on the list in the plurinominal college you vote automatically also for the single-member college and the vote will go to the candidate supported by the list for which it was decided to vote.

Even more X's can be traced. For example, they can be marked both the list and the names that accompany it in the plurinominal college and also the single-member candidate will have one vote.

You can also mark an X on both name of the candidate for the single-member college be on the symbol of the list in the plurinominal.

Separate voting cannot be done. If you mark an X for the candidate of a single-member college and another on a list that does not support it, the card is not valid. Likewise it is not possible to indicate two different candidates in single-member constituencies nor can you vote for two different lists.

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