Festival of Caciocavallo Hanged in Liberi, Caserta in June 2023

The typical Hanged Caciocavallo
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With the arrival of the summer season, it's time to welcome back the Gastronomic event of Liberi, a ritual that takes us back to the heart of Campania's culinary roots.

In the center of province of Caserta, Liberi is a suggestive village climbed between verdant and luxuriant mountains, where the air remains fresh and the atmosphere pristine. An oasis where you can relax, savoring the pleasure of a summer night.

After the triumph of the previous editions, in weekend of June 17-18, in Via Vittorio Emanuele in Liberi, the awaited appointment with the Review of the Hanged Caciocavallo, included in the Liberi 2023 holiday calendar.

This event pays homage to a culinary practice deeply rooted and loved in southern Italy: the art of hang up il cheese. An ancient ritual that continues in the present, giving life to an incredibly tasty dish.

What is hanged caciocavallo?

Il Caciocavallo Hanged it's a specialty Cookery with roots ancient, which was particularly well known among the shepherds. Nowadays, it has become a main attraction of many local fairs.

The preparation process involves the use of a live embers to slowly melt the caciocavallo, which comes next gently smeared with a knife on one slice of homemade bread. The air is filled with the powerful aroma of melted butter, while you can almost perceive the richness of the caciocavallo and the grasso which slowly dissolves.

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Not just food

The event is not limited to a dining experience, but also offers a rich entertainment program with music, Latin American dances and group choreography, guaranteeing liveliness and joy for all the evenings – this year even an addition compared to the previous editions!

The visit will be made even more pleasant thanks to the large parcheggio.

  • Where: Free, Caserta
  • When: from Saturday 17 June 2023 to Sunday 18 June 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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