Giacomo Giorgio, as well as Ciro Ricci. The actor reclaims his artistic identity on IG


James George, famous actor also known for his portrayal of Cyrus Ricci in the hit television series, Sea Out, has recently manifested its dissatisfaction in constantly being associated with this specific role. This phenomenon is common between actors, as identification and connection with a character can limit future opportunities and limit their artistic expression.

The versatility of Giacomo Giorgio beyond Ciro Ricci

Despite the international recognition it has obtained thanks to Ciro Ricci, James George proved to be un versatile and talented interpreteror even in other contexts. For example, she has landed notable roles such as Diabolik, Survivors and future role in DOC 3 with Luca Argentero.

In order to escape the shadow of Ciro Ricci, Giacomo Giorgio has shared a story on his Instagram profile, focusing on a simple sentence that sums up his intent: “I am Giacomo Giorgio”.

story of Giacomo Giorgio on Instagram
story of Giacomo Giorgio on Instagram

This statement seems to suggest that the actor wishes be recognized for its individuality and artistic ability beyond the character that made him famous.

We must not forget that the success of Giacomo Giorgio in the role of Ciro Ricci it is the result of his talent and ability to bring a complex character to life. But it is understandable that Giacomo Giorgio seeks to broaden his range of interpretations and to avoid being labeled exclusively as Ciro Ricci.

That, at least, is what it seems on the surface. We don't know if his story can actually hide other meanings.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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