Gira Napoli with Napolike to launch a new app on public transport in Naples

Gira Napoli in collaboration with Napolike: a new app arrives to manage Neapolitan public transport through smarphone.

The expectations are over, thanks to our mobile devices, the bus will no longer mislead us and we will no longer be afraid of losing it or making a wrong route. We have already talked about the famous application City & Bus, which recently changed its title to "Gira Napoli", but the news mainly concerns the iPhone and Android.

We do not want to always propose the same app, but focus on the new version iOS and Android, which abandons the old graphics to show off a new interface and which guarantees an excellent user experience. Furthermore, it offers some new interesting features which will undoubtedly win the interest of those using Neapolitan public transport. Furthermore, Gira Napoli has chosen Napolike as an official source for traffic news!

What offers Gira Napoli for iOS and Android

Through the well-known Google maps, users will be able to quickly identify the stops of the vehicles and also their position in real time. In this way, it will be possible to understand where is, for example, the bus you are waiting for. Furthermore, it will be possible look for the stops and know the waiting times of the means. Very interesting the section "Calculate route"That will allow you to enter a departure address and a destination address to quickly calculate the route of interest.


Finally, as already mentioned, the "News" section. How many times did a strike take you by surprise making you delay an important appointment? Gira Napoli has chosen Napolike to keep the citizens of Naples up-to-date on the various news concerning the viability of Neapolitan means of transport. In News, therefore, you can find all our information on Strikes, ZTL and Traffic blocks that could inhibit public transport and, consequently, cause inconvenience.

Does Gira Napoli offer information solely and exclusively on buses? Absolutely not, the app also provides you with info on public transport of Metronapoli (Montesanto Funicular, Funicular Center, 1 Line, Mergellina Funicular, Chiaia Funicular, 6 Line).


News coming soon

At the moment you can view the "Culture" section, but this space is still there Work in progress. We do not anticipate anything, we can only tell you that the application will also satisfy the Neapolitan citizens who not only want to move in peace, but also discover the artistic and cultural side of Naples.

logo available on google play

available on windows store

Official video Gira Napoli in collaboration with Napolike

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