19th Century Grand Ball at the Reggia di Caserta with free admission

great nineteenth-century dance
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Do not miss the nineteenth-century Grand Ball: charm and tradition at the Royal Palace of Caserta with free admission

Would you like to spend an evening remembering the beauty, romance and elegance of the Romantic-Borghese period, between 1830 and 1860? Then you can't miss the Nineteenth-century Grand Ball to the Palace of Caserta free admission, scheduled for Sunday 10 March 2019 at 12.00.

Event organized byCultural Association of Dance Company, the nineteenth-century Grand Ball at the Bourbon court, in collaboration with the Royal Palace of Caserta, for the occasion there will be dancers strictly dressed in nineteenth-century clothes who will dance as in the Romantic-Bourgeois period, in the name of Waltzes, Quadrille, Contradances, Marches , Mazurkas to the notes of Strauss, Verdi, Beethoven.

The master of ceremony is Lucio Martino, in addition, it will also be possible to attend the exhibition of Soprano Lirico Leontina Alvano. The XNUMXth century Grand Ball at the Bourbon court, therefore, presents itself as a truly unmissable event. To confirm the extraordinary nature of this event, you will be interested to know that the Società di Danza Cultural Association has been carrying out historical research activities at national and international level for over thirty years.

The right mix of romance, beauty and poetry in an exceptional and unique context like the Royal Palace of Caserta. Entry to the event is sweeper and for more information please contact 335 5847027

Information on the 19th century Grand Ball at the Royal Palace of Caserta

When: 10 March 2019

Where: Royal Palace of Caserta, Viale Douhet, 2 / a - 81100 Caserta

Timetable: 12: 00 - 13: 30

Prices: free admission

Information: Facebook event

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