The Palma Campania Carnival 2024: the program of shows

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The appointment with the Carnival in Palma Campania, in the province of Naples. It is an event that the citizens of Palma and those of neighboring cities always await with anxiety and trepidation, precisely because the city is filled with sounds, colors and lots of fun. This new edition of the carnival will also include a full program of events starting from 17 January and until 17 February 2024.

They will be days of celebration, in costume, during which various events will take place. As per tradition there will be no shortage of the show quadrille, that is, groups of transvestite musicianswho will perform along the streets of the center to win the 2024 Palio of the Palma Carnival. But not only that, because over the course of the various days there will be many new things waiting for you. Let's look at it in detail program.


Here is the program of the Palma Carnival 2024:

17 January

  • Carrying out of “Sant'Antuono, masks and sounds” the demonstration of old occasional songs and the placing of the picture of the winning 2023 Quadrille on the wall of the belvedere in Via Municipio.

20 January

  • Occasion song: performance of the competing groups with an occasion song inspired by the theme and the places in which they lived. The draw for the exit order of the Pennant Rat will follow.

21 January

  • Social music event, organized with Isis "Rosmini" and the "Le Muse" association, at the tensile structure in via Vecchia San Gennaro.

From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January

  • Setting up of the “Villaggio delle Quadriglie” in the parking area adjacent to the Parco delle Nuvole, in the Gorga area.

28 January

  • At 11:00 the ceremonial "passing of the baton" from the old to the new Quadrille masters will take place in Piazza De Martino. Ribbon cutting and inauguration of the Quadrille Village.

February 4

  • From 16 pm to 00 pm Quadrille parade along the routes of the historic center of Palma Campania. 23pm masquerade party.

From February 5th to February 10th

  • Rehearsals of the Canzonieri at the Quadrille Village, in the Gorga area.

February 7

  • Performance by the students of the 1st “Antonio De Curtis” Comprehensive Institute.

February 8

  • Performance by the students of the 2nd “Vincenzo Russo” Comprehensive Institute.

February 9

  • Rehearsals of the 9 Quadrille for the staging on Saturday and Sunday.

February 10

  • From 16pm to 00pm Four masked groups will parade through the historic center of Palma Campania. The quadrilles will cross the historical route and go up to the Central Stage in Piazza Mercato. Musical Show by LDA.

February 11

  • From 16pm to 30pm, parade of masked groups through the historic center of the city. “Stand up show” show by Peppe Iodice.

12 February

  • Show of the quadrilles that will play in a circle through the streets of Palma Campania.

February 13

  • Performance of the Canzonieri, the Nine masked quadrilles will perform in the 9 stations of the historical route

15 February

  • The final count - The counting of the votes for the 2024 Carnival will take place live from the City Council room.

February 17

  • Final awards ceremony for all the winners of the Palma Campania Carnival;
  • Awarding of the Palio (Banner) to the winning Quadrille of the 2024 edition.

Contacts and information

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  • Where: Palma Campania
  • When:
    • Wednesday 17 January 2024
    • Saturday January 20 2024
    • Sunday January 21 2024
    • Monday 22 January 2024
    • Tuesday 23 January 2024
    • Wednesday 24 January 2024
    • Thursday 25 January 2024
    • Friday 26 January 2024
    • Sunday January 28 2024
    • Sunday February 04 2024
    • Monday 05 February 2024
    • Tuesday 06 February 2024
    • Wednesday 07 February 2024
    • Thursday 08 February 2024
    • Friday 09 February 2024
    • Saturday February 10 2024
    • Sunday February 11 2024
    • Monday 12 February 2024
    • Tuesday 13 February 2024
    • Thursday 15 February 2024
    • Saturday February 17 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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