The protagonist of Mare Fuori in a new Netflix fiction filmed in Amalfi

Nicolas Maupas is Hans in "Under the Amalfi Sun"

Nicolas Maupas, who plays Filippo Ferrari in Mare Fuori, is Hans in “Under the Amalfi Sun”, a TV series dedicated to adolescent loves and dramas.

Nicolas Maupas confirms himself as one of the most requested young Italian actors of the moment: after having given his face, and his voice, to Filippo Ferrari (O Chiattillo) in Sea Out, also appeared in another TV series dedicated to Napoli.

We are talking about Under the sun of ..., a soap opera dedicated to teenage loves and dramas, which for its second season, from the nightlife of Riccione, has moved to the fascinating Amalfi coast (the title of the series is in fact Under the Amalfi sun).

In Under the Amalfi sun, which like Sea Out is available on Netflix, the Milanese actor plays Hans, a childhood friend of the protagonist, very charming but with a great fear of love due to a previous relationship that ended badly.

Nicolas Maupas spotted by a fan in Amalfi while playing the part of Hans: the reaction

Nicolas Maupas, while he was at Amalfi to play the part of Hans, was seen by a fan, who was very impressed by his interpretation and the depth he was able to give to his character:

"I have seen him, his talent is something unique, in every character he does he puts all of himself and it is so beautiful."

Hans is a figure who will certainly leave his mark, not only for the talent of the Milanese actor, but also because for sure, young or adult, anyone who has lived a great love and has been burned by it (and is also afraid of throwing himself into a new love story), you will find a lot in him.

Under the Amalfi sun is already visible on Netflix Italy e Nicolas Maupas, to announce the debut of the TV series that this summer will make thousands of hearts beat, has published a very beautiful photo of Amalfi.

You too, looking at it, have you felt the irrepressible desire to throw yourself into its crystalline waters?

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