The San Carlo Theater takes Il Nabucco to the Temple of Serapide in Pozzuoli

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The Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli

The choir and orchestra of the Teatro San Carlo directed by Maestro Carlo Ponti, will represent Verdi's opera "Il Nabucco" in the Temple of Serapide in Pozzuoli

The evocative setting of the Temple of Serapis of Pozzuolitonight will be the setting for an unmissable event: the representation of the famous opera Nabucco.

Tonight, 21 pm: 00, the 800 seats of the Temple of Serapis welcome all those who want to be carried away by the magical notes of Giuseppe Verdi reproduced, for the occasion, by the orchestra and choir of Teatro San Carlo directed by Maestro Carlo Ponti jr, son of Sophia Loren, originally from Pozzuoli.

Il Teatro San Carlo has therefore chosen to celebrate with Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi la XVIII Edition of the Civitas Award born in the nineties from an idea of ​​Paolo Lubrano in synergy with the Municipal Administration of Pozzuoli, with the aim of promoting and enhancing the beauty, history and culture of the city.

Carlo Ponti jr and his mother Sophia Loren

Il Temple of Serapis, one of the most fascinating archaeological sites of the world heritage which housed the ancient Macellum, will be transformed for an evening on an outdoor stage to spread the notes of one of the most famous works ever composed. Admission free.

Program of the evening

Giuseppe Verdi

  • NABUCCO: Ouverture
  • NABUCCO: "The festive furnishings" choir
  • LUISA MILLER: Ouverture
  • ATTILA: Prelude
  • THE LOMBARDS AT THE FIRST CROSS: Prelude to the final act III
  • THE LOMBARDS AT THE FIRST CROCIATA: "O Lord from the native roof"
  • THE FIND: "See the dark night gloom ... who of the gypsy" chorus
  • MACBETH: "Patria Oppressa" choir
  • NABUCCO: "Go thought" chorus

Event information Nabucco

When: 29 May at 21: 00
Entrance: sweeper
Where: Temple of Serapis, Pozzuoli
Information and contacts: Email:; Official website of the Civitas Award

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