The Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli reopens to the public: here are the timetables

Casina Vanvitelliana
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The suggestive Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli reopens to the public: here is all the information to visit this fantastic place!

Starting from Saturday June 6 2020 and for everyone weekends visits to the suggestive will resume Casina Vanvitelliana, remained closed until now due to the health emergency.

La Casina Vanvitelliana will be open to guests only on weekends, therefore from Friday to Sunday and only for three hours, while in the rest of the week it will only be open on booking for groups of at least 10 people.

You can then start again to visit this fantastic place and also until July 31 2020 you will also have the opportunity to admire one pictorial exhibition, present within the structure, entitled Flegrei looks, where you can get to know some of the paintings of the best Phlegrean artists.

La Casina Vanvitelliana

The Casina Vanvitelliana is a suggestive one hunting lodge, which was built by the architect Carlo Vanvitelli, son of Luigi Vanvitelli architect of the majestic Royal Palace of Caserta, in 1782 for Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.

The enchanting Casina Vanvitelliana stands on di an island of Lake Fusaro in Bacoli and is connected to the mainland by a wooden pier. The beauty and elegance of the Casina together with the strategic position makes this building a real one breathtaking place, worth a visit.

Information on Visits to the Casina Vanvitelliana

When: from June 6, every weekend

Where: Piazza Gioacchino Rossini, 1 - 80070 Lago Fusaro Bacoli, Na

Hours: from 18:00 to 21:00, from Friday to Sunday. During the other days by reservation only (for a minimum group of 10 people) by calling 379 1030885

Price: 3 euro ticket

Contacts: City of Bacoli | for reservations 379 1030885

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