Mahmood in concert at the Palapartenope in Naples

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At the Palapartenope in Naples there will be a concert by Mahmood, the Italian trapper famous above all for the song Soldi!

This year for the Italian trapper Mahmood it promised to be a great step forward in his career thanks to the programming of the European and Italian tours. The Coronavirus emergency has changed its plans a bit, but the concert in Naples will also be held on November 13, 2020 at the Palapartenope.

Her latest single, released in July, is "Gold", Made together with Sfera Ebbasta and the Colombian Feid, which follows the previous singles"Popular Moonlight"and "Eternantine".

Recall that Mahmood rose to the headlines thanks to victory of the Sanremo Festival 2019 with the song "Money“, While for the next edition of the Festival he was among the authors of the song“ Andromeda ”by Elodie.

The Mahmood 2020 tour will certainly make all fans listen to his most famous songs, but also many other songs of his Burnt Youth album.

An opportunity not to be missed for trap lovers.


Information on the Mahmood concert

When: 13 November 2020

Where: Palapartenope, via Corrado Barbagallo 115

Timetable: 21.00

Prices: single seat € 32

Info: Official site

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