Mare Fuori 3 Spoiler: Edoardo will escape from prison!

Sea Out 3 is expected by the many fans who love the series and should arrive in the month of February 2023, at least these are the words released to a fan of the director Silvestrini. In the meantime, however, they continue to run on social networks spoiler e advances interesting.

After the almost certain exit from the cast of Filippo (Nicolas Maupas) who finished filming earlier than the other characters, now we're talking about Edoardo played by the now famous Matthew Paulillo.

Edoardo ready to escape from the IPM to escape Poggioreale and death

We know that Edoardo aims to escape from prison, especially because in the episode "Nothing is ever as it seems" (2 × 10) we learn that the young man will soon be transferred to the Poggioreale prison having now reached the age of majority. For this reason it will come Mimmo, an old friend of his who has been specifically incarcerated to help him escape. But in reality Mimmo plays the double game and works for Carmine's mother (Wanda di Salvo) who promised him a prominent place in the Camorra clan in exchange for death of Edward. In the finale of the second season, Edoardo discovers the truth on Mimmo's position.

Will Edoardo manage to escape to Mare Fuori 3?

Un video by Tik Tok seems to resume a sheet of script di Mare Fuori 3. In this one scene there should be a dialogue between Liz, the prison officer who is apprehensive and protective of the boys. The woman says ad Edoardo which cannot continue hide there (so Edoardo escaped from prison?) and the young man is extremely sorry for having involved her.

The third season of Mare Fuori seems to be based a lot on story of Edoardo and on its ascent to ransom and repentance. All to ensure that the young man is deserving of the love of his beloved Teresa.

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