Mare Fuori 4, two extra 100 minute episodes. Shock surprise


The second part of Sea Out 4 is coming up RaiPlay. The arrival is scheduled for February 14, 2024, Valentine's Day, but Ivan Silvestrini announced one big surprise which moved fans of the Italian TV series.

The director of Mare Fuori announces a big surprise

In the middle of the night, when silence envelops the city, RaiPlay is preparing to reveal the latest pearls of Sea Out 4, a series that has already had a profound impact on the hearts of fans. Ivan Silvestrini, with an announcement that shook social media, made everyone jump on their seats: in addition to the six episodes planned, the season is enriched with two more episodes, bringing to 14 episodes in total.

Two extra 100 minute episodes to replace a film

The decision to get rich Sea Out 4 with two extra episodes it's not a random move, in fact it's real 100 minute special which takes the place of a film postponed, with the aim of immersing spectators once again in the unique atmosphere of the IPM in Naples. Silvestrini invites fans to moderate the night marathon, promising that the experience will be unforgettable and full of emotions.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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