Maschio Angioino in Naples, unpublished visits to the underground and treasure hunt for children

Maschio Angioino in Napoil
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The undergrounds and prisons of Maschio Angioino in Naples will be open to the public with a treasure hunt for children!

For all the months of August and September 2017 il Maschio Angioino it will be open to the public and, thanks to the itineraries organized by the Timeline Association, they will be able to visit the undergrounds, normally not open to visitors.

The routes, called "The Fortress of time: itinerary of the prisons“, As you can guess from the name of the initiative itself, will lead visitors to the discovery of the undergrounds and prisons of the castle, to admire a face still considered unpublished. Moreover, for the children there will be the historical treasure hunt called The History of the Dragon.

The first visits will begin the 29 July and will continue to every day of August and September, excluding Sundays. Timeline also takes care of them itineraries inspired by the Grail at Maschio Angioino.
La reservation is mandatory.

The path The Fortress of time

There will be two daily visits, both in Italian and in other languages, and will start from the Arc de Triomphe to cross the courtyard and reach the two underground rooms corresponding to the Palatine Chapel. The first is called "millet pit”And it was the grain deposit of the Aragonese court and was also used for lock up the prisoners condemned to the worst penalties. This area is also known as "crocodile's pit"Because the inmates they disappeared mysteriously and, only after careful research, it was discovered that a crocodile could enter through a crack and drag them into the sea. From that moment, he used his presence to make all the uncomfortable characters disappear.

The other underground environment is called "Prison of the conspiracy of the Barons“, From the revolt of the nobles in 1584, whose alleged coffins without registration are stored there. In the castle, however, there were also other areas such as the basement of the Torre del Oro, the Torre di Guardia and the Torre di San Giorgio, which were used as prisons.

The itinerary continues up to the historic bronze door which is reached after climbing the spiral staircase that Queen Giovanna used to go to her lovers.

The path The secret of the Dragon

It is a historical treasure hunt dedicated to children from 6 to 12 years. We will move in the spaces of the court of Alfonso of Aragon and, through maps and various accessories, we will discover the true story of the king and all the secrets that surrounded him. King Alfonso was an important member of the Order of the Dragon and favored the literati of the time hoping that they would then pass on his story. History that the association wants to revive thanks to these events.

Route Information The Fortress of Time

When: from the 29 July to the 30 September 2017. Every day, except Sundays


  • from 10.00 12.30 to and from the 14.30 16.00
  • starting every 30 minutes and duration 50 minutes

Price: 10 €

Duration of visit: about 50 minutes

Reservations required: 3317451461

Contacts: Facebook page

Photo by Emanuela Totaro

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