Metro Line 1 of Naples, early closure on Monday 11 March


New early closure for the Naples Metro Line 1. ANM has released a warning regarding the new timetables for Monday 11 March 2024, the day on which the stop of its races will be brought forward:

  • Piscinola will end at 21:10,
  • Garibaldi they will end at 21:34.

To know further details, you can contact the ANM assistance center free of charge to 800 639525, available weekdays from 6:30 20:00, or surf the channels social official.

Why is Metro Line 1 closing early on some days?

The decision of change closing times responds to the need carry out technical checks meticulous, fundamental to ensuring the continuity and safety of public transport. The checks allow any discrepancy to be promptly detected, thus ensuring a tefficient and safe public transport for the inhabitants of the city. The practice of maintenance proactive is essential to offer an impeccable service to all users.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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