Metro Line 1 of Naples, early closing on Tuesday 19 March


ANM, after announcing the closure for March 18th, doubles with another reduction in evening trips on Tuesday 19 March.

Naples Metro Line 1 travel times for March 18th

  • Last ride from Piscinola: 21 hours: 10
  • Last ride from Garibaldi: 21 hours: 34

The fundamental principle of these measures obviously always remains the same: to ensure a safe and efficient service for users. Carrying out detailed technical checks is crucial to maintaining high standards of quality and safety in the public transport service, demonstrating ANM's relentless commitment to travellers.

These activities are organized with the aim of having as little impact as possible on the daily routine of the citizens of Naples, making an effort to complete the interventions in time slots that do not interfere with the evening return to their homes.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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