Metro Line 1, early evening closures on February 12th

Naples Metro Line 1

La MetroLine1 of Naples, a vital axis for the city's public transport, will undergo a temporary change in timetables 12 February. Today evening races will be anticipated with next closure of the line due to necessary verification activities on the same, an intervention aimed at guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the service.

The last departures will be brought forward, temporarily changing the routine of many regular metro users. The company apologizes in advance for the inconvenience that this change could cause to commuters.

Closing times of the Metro Line 1

La MetroLine1 of Naples will see a preview of the closing times on the day of 12 February, a decision made to allow a thorough check of the infrastructure and the equipment in use on the line, thus ensuring maximum safety for travelers and staff.

Here are the timetables of the last races:

  • Last ride from Piscinola scheduled for 21:10
  • Last race from Garibaldi fixed at 21:34
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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