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Eclipses of Luna 16 July 2019, in Castel Volturno free astronomical observations

At the Lido Gallo of Castel Volturno with UAN all astronomers free for the eclipse of Moon of 16 July 2019.

Il July 16 2019 from all over Italy it will be possible to observe one partial eclipse of the Moon. The Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union invites all fans to Lido Gallo of Castel Volturno for a meeting / observation dedicated to the phenomenon.

A partial eclipse of the moon is not a particularly rare event, but it is certainly fascinating.

The 16 July our satellite it will be partly obscured by the Earth's shadow cone. The darkened part will cover at most the 65 percent of the lunar surface.

The eclipse will experience various phases that will follow one another over time. From 22 hours: 02 will start the shadow phase, which will reach its maximum at 23 and 31, when the Moon will be at about 23 degrees of height on the horizon.

The eclipse will end exactly at one in 17 July and therefore will last in total 2 hours and minutes 58.

TheUAN invites everyone to observe this spectacle of nature from the splendid location of the Lido Gallo in Castel Volturno, Lago Patria. The appointment is at 21.

TheNeapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union for the occasion it will make some optical instruments available to the public to better observe some details of the phenomenon, but it must be emphasized that the eclipse can be fully enjoyed even with the naked eye.

For the enthusiasts there will also be a telescope for the guided observation of Jupiter and Saturn.

Information on the moon eclipse at the Lido Gallo in Castel Volturno

Where: at the Lido Gallo of Castel Volturno (Caserta), Lago Patria

When: the 16 July 2019

Timetable: from 21 of the 16 July to the one of 17 July 2019

Price: it's free

For info see the Facebook page of the event

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