International Nativity Scene Exhibition in Via Tribunali in Naples: extraordinary works between future and tradition

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The International Nativity Scene Exhibition brought to Naples 27 unforgettable works: to visit between December and January

La Church of Sant'Angelo in Segno hosts the International Nativity Scene Exhibition from 4 December 2019 at the 14 January 2020. Exhibited works from private Italian and Spanish collections and, at the end of the exhibition, a international conference with prestigious guests.

Celebrate the tradition of the Neapolitan crib

Always deeply rooted in our artistic and artisan tradition, the Nativity scene is celebrated by the International Exhibition with the exhibition of 27 works some coming from private collections (like that of the artist Peppe Barra) and implemented by greatest Neapolitan crib artists, and others belonging to two museums that hold the main testimonies of the nativity scene in the world: the Museo Internacional de Arte Belenista di Mollina (Málaga) and the Salzillo Museum of Murcia.

The 2020 International Crib Conference

Il 10 January 2020, near the end of the exhibition, a conference will be held that resumes an ancient custom that stopped 50 years ago.

In 'multimedia auditorium of the Archbishop's Curia (Largo Donnaregina, 22), will discuss the major experts, historians and artists of the Neapolitan crib, to illustrate its history and understand its role in the current world.

Information on the International Nativity Scene Exhibition

Where: Church of Sant'Angelo in Segno, Via dei Tribunali, 45 (Naples)

When: from 4 December 2019 to 14 January 2020

Price: 2 Euro

Timetable: from 10: 00

Photo by Ferdinando Kaiser

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