The night of the 2019 tammorra at the Rotonda Diaz in Naples

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Mid-August with the musical tradition of Cilento: it is the Night of the Tammorra at the Rotonda Diaz of Naples

Il August 15th, 2019 at the Rotonda Diaz in Naples la Night of Tammorra, great popular festival in the sign of the traditions of Cilento. The evening is organized by Carlo Faiello, conductor, with the participation of the Department of Popular Music of Vallo della Lucania.

Great guest will be Peppe Barra, for the first time in this event, with the band composed by Ivan Lacagnina on drums, Paolo Del Vecchio on guitar, Giorgio Mellone on cello, Luca Urciolo on accordion and Sasà Pelosi on bass.

It will be a performance made of music, of dance need singing, woven on the canvas of tradition, but without fear of facing innovation. As if to say, looking straight into the future, but with our feet firmly planted in history.

On stage, directed by Carlo Faiello, singers (or "singers"), musicians, artists, parades, choirs will follow. The result will be a sound flow that will tend between traditional archetypes and the most modern experiments.

The program and the artists on stage

Among the guests Maurizio Capone, Nello Daniele, Marcello Colasurdo, Giovanni Mauriello, Fiorenza Calogero and Patrizia Spinosi. On stage many sounds will alternate: from the bagpipes of the Cilento to the montemaranese tarantella, from the tammurriata of the agro nocerino-sarnese to the Vesuvian one, from the drums of the Madonna Avvocata to the fron and the I sing to my daughter, which inaugurates the evening. The "he sang to his daughter"Will be performed by a couple of traditional singers: Masino Tirozzi said "or son of" or zi 'master "e Vincenzo Rea called "Tarantella".

During the evening, the Tammurriata of welcome by Raffaele Inserra and the voices of Gianfranco Ricco known as 'Antiquity' and Catello Gargiulo, exponents of ethnic singingAs mentioned, Marcello Colasurdo, a traditional exponent of the popular music of Campania, cannot be missing.

Who wants to wait for thedawn of the 16 August, there will be a grand finale of dancing on the drum with spontaneous parades.

Information on the Night of the Tammorra 2019

Where: at the Rotonda Diaz in Naples

When: the 15 August 2019

Timetable: from 21.00

Price: free admission

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