Clear nights, concerts and guided visits to the Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento

queen giovanna baths

The Baths of Queen Giovanna will be the location of extraordinary concerts and guided tours!

Il 24 July,1 and August 10th 2015, i Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento will be the protagonists of three fascinating free concerts preceded by as many guided tours.

The initiative, as part of the review "Clear nights and sweet dreams in Sorrento", will transport the participants to the magical atmosphere of the Punta del Capo archaeological park, embellished by three live performances that will take place at the Regina Giovanna Baths, respectively. 24 July, with the Oceani concert in the company of Riccardo Ascani and the Flamenco Jazz Chillot Quartet, theAugust 1th with "A notes explained" together with Daniele Sepe Trio and finally the August 10th with the Eater Pagan Folk Aquaterra Live Concert.

Each concert will be anticipated by guided tours among the ancient roads, the paths, the cisterns, the ruins and the enchanted hills of the Sorrento peninsula. Three unmissable opportunities to rediscover the beauties and the treasures guarded by the Sorrento areas and above all a way to relax and spend unforgettable moments.

Information on Light Nights at the Baths of Queen Giovanna

When: on 24 July, 1 and 10 August 2015
Where: Baths of Queen Giovanna

  • Concerts: 20 hours: 00
  • Guided tours: 18 hours: 30 hospital in Sorrento - departure excursion in the hills of Sorrento | 19 Hours: 15 meeting point Capo di Sorrento square

Ticket price: price quotation
Information: 334 1161642 - 345 8455033

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Written by Bruna Di Matteo
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