Panini Tour 2019 in Naples at the Rotonda Diaz: with exchanges of stickers, games and prizes

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The Panini Tour 2019 makes a stop at the Rotonda Diaz in Naples with fun guaranteed by exchanges of stickers, games and prizes. On newsstands, the special figurine dedicated to Marek Hamsik.

The weekend of 23 and 24 February And March 30 31 2019 do not miss the "Panini Tour Up! 2019" to Napoli at the Rotonda Diaz from 10 to 19. A truly incredible event where you can watch the launch of the new collection "2018-2019 players". After last month's cancellation due to bad weather, the organizers have decided to recover in a new weekend.

Result of partnership with the group Intesa Sanpaolo, which promotes the new "XME Conto Up!" for young people under 18, this initiative will offer the opportunity for young and old to meet at the so-called Panini village and exchange your own double figurines. If all this were not enough, you will also have the opportunity to participate in Figuriniadi, having fun with prize games such as the "Figu Record", The"Figu Quizzone" and the "Figu-danaio".

For the participants, the chance to win one of the magnificent prizes, such as the "Illustrated Almanac of 2019 Soccer", but also backpacks, keychain and, of course, the inevitable packets of stickers. Furthermore, if you want to share the memory of this beautiful day, you just need to take one Memory picture in the special photo booth and share it on social media.

Furthermore, all those who have completed the album will have the opportunity to access the exclusive area of ​​the "Panini Box“, Where they will receive an overtime gift kit and the prestigious official stamp "Completed Album".

Finally, we point out that on Saturday, on newsstands, you can buy the special packet of the "Film of the Championship" with 5 extra stickers, including the one dedicated to the "captain's salute" Marek Hamsik, who after 12 years as captain, left Naples to play in China on the Dalian Yifang team.

Information on the 2019 Panini Tour in Naples

When: 23 and 24 February 2019

Where: Rotonda Diaz, Naples

Opening hours: From the 10 19

Price: free participation

Info: Panini Tour 2019 | Facebook page Football players

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