Philip Colbert at the MANN in Naples with the House of the Lobster exhibition

Philip Colbert and his exhibition
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Philip Colbert, known as the heir to Andy Warhol, return to Napoli after having enchanted the city with “The Lobster Empire” in Largo San Martino. This time, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) hosts his project “House of the Lobster“, scheduled from January 26 to April 1, 2024.


The “House of the Lobster” exhibition at the MANN in Naples

From January 26 to April 1, 2024, MANN turns into a stage for contemporary art with “House of the Lobster” by Philip Colbert. The exhibition brings to the stage a unique dialogue between works of art and historical spaces. The visitor will immerse himself in a universe where sculptures, paintings e digital installations they coexist, creating a complete sensory experience. The works on display reflect Colbert's unmistakable style, with a strong presence of the iconic image ofaragosta, his alter ego, which crosses various artistic mediums.


Philip Colbert and his connection with Naples

The return of Philip Colbert to Napoli it's no coincidence: the city has already hosted his famous installation "The Lobster Empire” in Largo San Martino. The previous exhibition left an indelible mark in the hearts of Neapolitans and art lovers.

With “House of the Lobster”, Colbert strengthens his connection with Napoli, a city rich in history and culture, offering an artistic interpretation that blends with the urban environment and its historical symbols.

Colbert's biography, his innovation and his cultural impact

Born in Scotland in 1979, Philip Colbert studied philosophy at the University of St. Andrews before moving to London, where he lives and works. His art, supported by leading figures such as Charles Saatchi and Simon De Pury, has been exhibited in prestigious international museums.

Innovator in contemporary art and pioneer of metaverse, Colbert was able to combine digital with Pop art in a unique way, creating a satirical and provocative artistic language. His figure of the lobster, a tongue-in-cheek alter ego, has become a globally recognized symbol, emphasizing her impact on pop culture.

The Meaning of the Lobster by Philip Colbert

The lobster, in the work of Philip Colbert, it's much more than just symbol recurring; represents a bridge between surrealism and art history.

Colbert was influenced by the “Lobster Telephone” by Dalí and by the iconography of lobsters in Dutch still lifes and ancient Greco-Roman mosaics. Let us remember that in the work of Salvador Dali, built in 1936, the queue of the lobster, where the sexual organs of the crustacean, is positioned on the telephone receiver, where the man places his mouth to speak.

Lobster Telephone by Dalí

Colbert he chose lobster as symbol key in his art, combining the charm of the natural with the surrealism. The lobster represents for him a alter ego, an entity that embodies both natural design and an important environmental message in its digital transposition.

How to visit the exhibition at MANN

To visit “House of the Lobster” at the MANN in Naples, here is some useful information: The exhibition is open from January 26 to April 1, 2024. Visiting hours are from To 9.00 19.30, closing on Tuesdays.

  • Where: MANN
  • When: from Thursday 25 January 2024 to Monday 01 April 2024
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