Queen at the Opera at the Palapartenope in Naples: rock-symphonic concert dedicated to the band

Queen at the opera Naples
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Saturday February 5 2021 will be held at Palapartenope of Naples the incredible concert Queen at the Opera. It is an engaging show that will review the best songs from Queen. Tickets already purchased for the previous date remain valid.

The date is the recovery of the one scheduled for January 16, 2021, therefore i tickets already purchased remain valid.

It will be totally dedicated to the incredible rock band British, formed in London way back in 1970. An appointment not to be missed for all Queen fans who will have the opportunity to listen to the most beautiful songs of the group in one rock / symphonic key never created before, with the original arrangements of Maestro Piero Gallo.

The show dedicated to Queen

This fantastic show, which is having more and more success every year, was born in 2015, from an idea by Simone Scorcelletti to let the public listen to the fantastic songs by Queen, but in a whole new, different and particular key.

Thanks to the presence on stage of beyond 40 extraordinary performers, with Queen at the Opera guests will have the opportunity to attend an unprecedented show, thanks to the perfect sound fusion between the symphony orchestra and the rock band. Everything will be embellished with a suggestive visual show, which will make the atmosphere of the show even more exciting and engaging.

Information about Queen at the opera

When: 5 February 2022

Where: Palapartenope Via C. Barbagallo, 115, 80125 Naples NA

Timetable: 21: 00


  • Numbered armchair € 57
  • First Numbered Armchair € 45,60
  • Second Numbered Armchair € 34,20
  • Numbered grandstand € 22,80

Contacts: Palapartenope website

  • Where: Palapartenope, Naples
  • When: Saturday 05 February 2022, from 21:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Poltronissima numbered: 57 €
    • First numbered seat: €45.60
    • Second Numbered Armchair: 34.20€
    • Numbered grandstand: 22.80 €
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