Fiat Barchetta rally in Naples 2018: the parade of colored cars spiders

Fiat Barchetta in Naples for a rally

The Fiat Barchetta parade in Naples, the gathering of colored spider cars for the all-Neapolitan 2018 edition!

8 and 9 September 2018 there will be the fifth meeting of the Fiat Barchetta with the event entitled “'A città' e Pullecenella”. This is the parade of these auto spiders produced by the 1994 to the 2005 and that have been, and still are, much loved by many people and the event will also allow the curious to admire them.

The Barchette, all colorful and very beautifulthey will do a ride in the city of Naples with a stop also towards the Monte di Procida, along the wonderful Lake Averno, led by Captain Giuseppe Imperatore. Cars will come from all over Italy.

The meeting is organized by the Campania representatives Marco Alfredo D'Ambrosio and Giuseppe Russo together with the AGAR National Association for Sport.

Fiat Barchetta rally program

Saturday 8rd September

  • 15.00 hours: departure to Monte di Procida to show off the cars. In fact i barchettisti will parade, together with a group of Harley Davidson, on a scenic route along the Avernoe lake to reach the Rai studios in Naples where they will visit the set of a place in the sun.

Sunday September 9th

  • 8.45 hours: meeting at via Michele Pietravalle 11 / 12 (exit Tangenziale zona Ospedaliera)
  • 9.00 Hours: tour in Naples with a stop in Piazza Trieste and Trento to visit the Teatro San Carlo. Subsequently, the participants will make a lunch with typical products from Campania

Information on the gathering of the Fiat Barchetta

When: 8 and 9 September 2018

Where: between Naples and Pozzuoli


  • 8 September: from the 15.00
  • 9 September: from the 8.45

Price: the event is free for spectators

info: Fan Club Fiat Barchetta Facebook page

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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