Flight strike on May 3, inconvenience and cancellations on arrival

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Wednesday 3 May, i sindacati of the workers of the air transport they called one four-hour nationwide strike by 13: 00 17 to: 00, with possible consequences on flights and airlines operating in Italy.

The companies involved in the aircraft strike

The unions Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti are the ones who have planned a national strike lasting four hours. The industrial action will mainly affect airline workers Vueling, of Spanish origin, e Air Dolomiti, the Italian subsidiary of the German Lufthansa.

Even the Cobas union has announced that the air traffic controllers of theEnav of Rome they will join the strike in the same period.

Possible repercussions on other airlines

The extension of the strike also to Enav in Rome could influence other airlines, such as, for example ITA Airways, the Italian flag carrier.
ITA, in fact, has already canceled 47 flights and advises passengers to inquire by calling the number 800 936090 from Italy or +39 06 85960020 from abroad.

Guaranteed flights during the strike

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has drawn up a list of guaranteed flights during the strike.
In general, the following will be guaranteed, regardless of the time:

  • flights departing before 13pm,
  • charter flights to and from the islands already authorized or notified,
  • some specific links listed in an ENA documentc,
  • all intercontinental connections arriving in Italy (including stopovers)

The reasons for the strike

The unions attribute the strike to lack of openness and availability of the companies that own Vueling and Air Dolomiti in converse with them about the conditions of the workers employed in Italy.

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