Street food festival in Piazza Dante in Naples at Easter 2019

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Street food festival in Piazza Dante in Naples for an unforgettable Easter 2019, in the name of Neapolitan musical and culinary traditions

If you want to celebrate the Easter 2019 in a truly unique and original way, then you can't miss it Street Food Festival in Piazza Dante, scheduled from 15 to 22 April 2019.

The main purpose of the event is to enhance local traditions, starting with legend of the Mermaid Partenope, offering varieties of sweet and savory from various regions of Italy. If all this were not enough, the folk music will allow you to take a leap into the Neapolitan tradition, letting yourself be enveloped by the cheerfulness and sunshine typical of this land.

Thanks to this new proposal of "Excellence in the Piazza", You will have the opportunity to experience moments of conviviality and joy that will make your Easter 2019 truly unforgettable. The undisputed protagonists of the Street Food Festival in Piazza Dante will be for eight days traditional products from Campania. Starting from the Neapolitan Pizza, passing through the Casatelli, up to the Caciocavallo Impiccato, you will be spoiled for choice. 

In the famous "Largo del Mercatello”, From 15 to 22 April from 9.30 to 22.00, you can take a real leap into the past, when the current Piazza Dante was a place of markets, fairs and open-air theaters.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Naples, and carried out in agreement with the Department of Commerce and the approval of Municipality 2, the event adheres to the project "Choose Naples”, Promoted as part of the Naples Autonomous City delegation, in order to sensitize people to purchase products made by local companies.

Finally, you can admire one "Partenope" narrated with the sounds, colors and dances of the "Tammurriata Remix ", Edited by Tony Faiello Show. Sapori & Sound: the legend of Partenope, in fact, it will be a unique occasion of its kind, to allow you to relive the city of Naples as it once was, reliving some important pages of its history.

Street food festival information in Piazza Dante

When: from 15 to 22 April 2019

Where: Piazza Dante, Naples

Hours: from the 9.30 22.00

Price: efree wind

Information: Facebook page - Facebook event

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