Tananai in Naples, the concert moves to the Palapartenope

photo by the artist Tananai

Il 2023 opens with another great success of one of the most popular Italian artists of the moment: Tananai mark a new sold-out also for the date of Napoli, after the sold out dates in Milan and Rome. Initially, the appointment in our city was scheduled for 5 May 2023 at the Casa della Musica, but communication of the moving to another location.

The concert of Tanani in Naples it will always take place on the same date in May, but the location will be the Palapartenope.

The organization would like to specify that it is only a change of location, therefore, i Tickets previously purchased will remain valid for the new appointment and tickets for the live will be on presale Ticketone.it, Etes.it and in regular outlets.

Who is Tatanai who will participate in Sanremo 2023

A young man Milanese singer-songwriter aka Tananai, at birth Alberto Cotta Ramusino, 26 years old, after having obtained awards with songs such as Baby Goddamn and Maleducazione, participated in the 2022 Festival of Sanremo even classifying as last.

Despite the total failure, his image and his music they have become extremely viral during the year. In 2023, Tananai will again show up at the Festival of Sanremo with the song Tango.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @tananaimusica
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