Tony Tammaro in concert at the Palapartenope in Naples for his 30-year career

Tony Tammaro

Tuesday December 27 2022 at 21:00 at the Theater Palapartenope di Napoli the unmissable appointment with the concert of the great artist will take place Tony Tammaro. An event not to be missed for all fans of his music and his art.

It is the first time that the singer from Campania performs in a structure dedicated to concerts in our Naples and surely there will be many to participate given the huge following he has had for decades.

Tony Tammaro celebrates i 30 years of career in this important location for the city and will entertain us with his “The night of the tamarri".

Tony Tammaro's biography

Vincent Sarnelli, in art Tony Tammaro, was born in Naples on January 7, 1961. He launched into music and in the 90s he began his artistic career after having worked as a DJ in important clubs and clubs in Naples.

Later, he became famous thanks to the musical genre to which he dedicated himself, in fact he began to compose parody songs in Neapolitan and pieces in Italian that have the theme tamarrage, or rather "makes fun" of the lifestyle of the so-called tamarri.

He performs live in all 550 municipalities of Campania, becoming one of the best known Neapolitan artists. He has won the Italian Festival of Crazy Music three times and to date has eight albums under his belt, the last one Tokyo London Scalea.

Information on Tony Tammaro in Naples


December 27 2022


Palapartenope, Via Corrado Barbagallo, 115, 80125 Naples NA

Working hours:

21 hours: 00


From 23 to 34 euro


Tony Tammaro official website | Facebook page | TicketOne

Image source: Napoli Post

  • Where: Palapartenope Theater
  • When: Tuesday 27 December 2022, from 21 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Minimum ticket: €23
    • Maximum ticket: €34
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Written by Serena De Luca
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