Totò Therapy Tour in Naples, free guided tour to discover the Prince of Laughter

Free guided tour in Naples with the Totò Terapia Tour
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Free guided tour in Naples with the Totò Terapia Tour

Free guided tour in the center of Naples with artistic performances and tastings for the Totò Therapy Tour!

The 27 May 2017, within the May of the Monuments, the association #NIT - Naples in Treatment in collaboration with Vascitour and Tina and Angelo Scognamiglio (owners of a fruit and vegetable shop in the Spanish Quarters), organized the"Totò-Therapia" itinerary.

It is a psychotherapeutic and tourist path with free participation, during which the participants will make an excursus on the biography of the Prince of Laughter, attending theatrical and musical performances and Totò's “psychotherapy” sessions with Dr. Cimone, meetings that will highlight the actor's complex personality.

The guided tour will be interspersed with exquisite "Malafemmina" ice cream tastings (created ad hoc by Casa Infante) and a typical Neapolitan dinner inspired by Totò.

In addition, will participate in the initiative Enrico Durazzo of Napolimania, who makes original creations of Totò, Davide D'Errico of "Addà passà a nuttata", an association active in the Rione Sanità, the Souladduje who will take care of the soundtrack of the dinner and Mario Talarico, historic umbrella craftsman who created a parasol dedicated to Totò.

Information on the Totò Therapy Tour

When: 27 May 2017

Where: Fountain of Neptune in front of Palazzo San Giacomo, Piazza Municipio

Prezzi: price quotation

Timetables: 16.45 (ending at about 20.00)

Contacts: Official site | Facebook page

Reservations required: to 338 9961055 |

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