Traffic in Naples on 22 July 2018: Ring Road, A1, A3, A16 and Salerno-Reggio Calabria

Naples ring road
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Traffic conditions in Naples on the ring road, the A1 motorway, the A3, the A16 and the Salerno-Reggio Calabria for Sunday 22 July 2018.

Today Sunday 22 July 2018 we inaugurate a series of summer articles on the traffic conditions in Naples, specifically on the most important roads such as the Tangenziale and theA1 motorway, Naples-Salerno (A3) , Salerno-Reggio Calabria (A2).

According to official information provided by the Tangenziale and Autostrade per l'Italia sites, we point out the places where traffic is most intense, where there may be accidents o closures of junctions and exits or even sudden unforeseen like fire, road material and similar events.

We publish this information once a week for the remaining month of July and for August, so as to make it easier for drivers to move around.

Naples ring road

We point out that theentry Italy 90 is closed to traffic until 23.00 23 July hours in both directions, due to work in progress. Alternatively, the Agnano entrance is recommended in both directions (Capodicino and Pozzuoli).

THEAgnano east service area is closed until 15.00 31 October hours, again for works (in the direction of Capodichino), while, in the direction of Pozzuoli theAntica Campana service area west until 00.00 31 December hours.

A1 - Naples-Milan motorway

Traffic at Caianello height, specifically between Caianello (Km. 700,8) and San Vittore (Km. 678,6) in the direction of Rome, from 11: 40 to work at home and between Caianello (Km. 700,8) and Capua (Km. 719,8) towards Naples due to an accident.

Highway A16

On Naples-Canosa, from around 12.55, traffic due to a burning vehicle between Baiano and Avellino West.

Highway A3 - Naples-Salerno

In the morning, they turn out slowdowns between Nocera Sud and Vietri sul Mare.

Highway A2 - Salerno-Reggio Calabria

From around 11.45 hours, traffic causes an accident at the Rogliano-Grimaldi junction (km 273.2) towards Reggio Calabria towards junction A2 and on the Salerno-Avellino connection towards Pontecagnano (from about 11.00 am).

To know the real-time updates on traffic during the day, consult the Autostrade per l'Italia site.

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