Traffic in Naples on 29 July 2018: Ring Road, A1, A3, A16 and Salerno-Reggio Calabria

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Traffic in Naples for Sunday 29 July 2018 on the bypass, A1, A2, A3 and A16 with information on accidents, exits and closed entrances and other unexpected events.

Here is the second appointment with our summer column on the traffic in Naples, on the main roads of the city and, above all, on motorway at e tangential. In this article we list the queues, any incidents and other contingencies for the day Sunday 29 July 2018 so as to make it easier for motorists and motorcyclists to travel.

In detail, you will find details of traffic, slowdowns, accidents, FIREie other limitations on Motorways A1, A16, A3, A2 tangential in the direction of Pozzuoli and in the direction of Capodichino.

To stay informed, keep following our weekly column throughout the summer.

Below, the details of Sunday.


The service area Agnano Est It is closed until October 31, while service areas Angevin East a Ancient West Bell they are closed until December 31

A1 - Naples-Milan motorway

Car stopped, probably in failure towards Naples between Connection South branch (Km 576,3) and Valmontone (Km 586.5), from 10.36 hours.

Highway A16

At the 9.16 they appeared car damaged in Lacedonia (111 km) in both directions, while around the 9.00 stationary vehicles between Avellino Est (km 49.7) e Benevento-Benevento connection (km 68.7) in the direction of Canosa.

Highway A3 - Naples-Salerno

Between Nocera Sud and Salerno traffic intensively at 9 around the morning towards Salerno.

Output closed a Naples Center - via G.Ferraris and junction for Porto in the direction of Salerno by accident from around 9.

Highway A2 - Salerno-Reggio Calabria

At the 4.15 they appeared animals 221 meters before the Tarsia Service Area (km 226,4) in direction A2 junction Reggio Calabria connection.

Updates in real time on traffic during the day can be consulted on Autostrade per l'Italia site and Automap.

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