VendemmiaFest 2019 in Castelfranci, the review of Il Trono di Sagre


In Castelfranci they have so much of that wine that even flows spontaneously from the barrels! We at Il Trono di Sagre, driven by curiosity (and thirst), visited him.

While on the page of the Throne he duels to the sound of wine for the Golden Pan, to remain consistent I and the Crow goes to Castelfranci (AV) on the occasion of VendemmiaFest.

It is not the first edition even if it is a young party but this year the guys from Castelfranci wanted to give that extra touch, on the artistic, organizational, culinary but above all drinkable side. we arrive at 17.30 and they are all already with a glass of wine in hand.

I immediately understand that I will be perfectly at ease.

The wine list (and the day's programs ...)

Antonio comes to meet us and begins to praise us as a great connoisseur of his lands all the background of the main product of the event: wine.
The wine comes from Castelfranci, which, if you don't know it, produces a spasmodic amount of variety, yet all local!
Do you 1 km? Change the wine. As in the best Italian parochial tradition everyone holds his product tight.

The day is divided into several moments, I particularly appreciated the idea of ​​letting the customers walk through the narrow streets of the town, those full of stairs that go up and down, narrow or suddenly steep and to stop here and there to allow the declamation of some articles and poems that perfectly matched the idea of ​​the children of Castelfranci about their event and their country.
In short, it's not important to celebrate Castelfranci because you're from Castelfranci, you have to do it because that place has a value, that product has a story, because it's worth it.
And if you can do it between a sunset and some wine, even better!

Let's have lunch! (and continue to drink)

In the meantime the kitchens (and other bottles) have been opened but above all the barrel has been "uncorked"!
This beautiful e massive barrel that shoots continuously a cascade of red wine will overlap with your every memory of Shiningiana memory, and to get out of the maze of hedges of your thoughts what better than a plate of maccaronara steaming?

Beautiful, as if each snake of pasta had been laid one by one, it is passed by the kind castelfrancine, together with a valid alternative of pasta and beans.
The taste confirms the appearance, it is excellent.
With all the wine we drank with the excuse of exploring the village we would have eaten a large pot but luckily we left room for one course FE-NO-ME-NA-LE: Frionzola.
Still her. Still pork with peppers.
This year we have stocked up on it.
For every dish of lagane I have NOT managed to eat, two of frionzola have arrived.

Let me say that in Castelfranci there is someone who knows his stuff, for me it is the best of the year.
The meat is excellent, juicy, soft, but the pepper, guys, the pepper flows into other fields.
It should be reported in the treatises of alchemy.
The philosopher's pepper, but how did they manage to toast it like this, to sizzle it like this, to make it retain all the oil, which is revealed only on the palate?
About the wine? In the sense, both the ingested one and the one used in the kitchen?

In Castelfranci they promised themselves to do things right, and to do it their way, the future of VendemmiaFest is rosy, indeed red, very red, and flows from a barrel to the center of the village.

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Written by iltronodisagre
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