Social Carnival in Naples: events and parades in many districts to celebrate Nature

Carnival in Scampia
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Also this year there will be the Social Carnival in Naples with the coordination of the many events which have been organized in the different neighborhoods of the city.

Every year this network comes to life, born more than 30 years ago in Scampia as a practice of active citizenship for the purpose of bring social issues to the attention of the public and important cultural ones.

The Carnival, thus, remains a popular festival, but it is made so that the many neighborhood committees and activists, through the colorful processions, also highlight social demands, struggles, protection of the rights of the most needy, giving a voice to those who generally have none.

In this 2022 still marked by the pandemic, the Social Carnival is even more important as a sign of rebirth.

The districts of the Social Carnival

Here is where the many events of the Carnival weekend will take place.


Friday 25 February at 10 am Materdei - Piazza Scipione Amminaro (Metro Materdei).
The fundamental theme will be the exploitation of nature that man has been practicing for too many years now. He is looking for solutions through collective work.

Info: Facebook event


Friday 25 February at 10 am Sanità - Piazza Sanità
The theme is PACHAMAMA - Earth Community: everyday care. Pachamama is a word of the Andean peoples which means Mother Earth and also this time the importance of nature is emphasized.

Info: Facebook event


Sunday 27 February 10 am Bagnoli - Piazzetta a Mare
The traditional Social Carnival of Bagnoli will start from via di Pozzuoli and a giant octopus will be placed to take back the coast.

Info: our dedicated article


Saturday 26 February at 16 pm East Naples - Ponticelli - Lotto Zero
In the streets of Ponticelli there will be the colorful floral Carnival among confetti, music and colors.

Info: Facebook event


Sunday 27 February Scampia - Gridas
The famous Carnival of Scampia is 40 years old and there will be the traditional procession through the streets of the neighborhood organized by the Gridas.

Info: our dedicated article

Photo source: Telejato


Tuesday 1 March at 10am Soccavo - CRPS Viale Traiano 92.
Always keeping in mind the delicate subject of tortured nature, the procession will pass through the streets of Soccavo, then via Epomeo and will end in the Costantino park.

Info: Facebook event


Tuesday 1 March at 14:30 pm Montesanto - Ventaglieri Park.

Historic Centre

Tuesday 1 March 14:30 pm Historic Center - Via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli
The appointment is Santa Fede, and before leaving there is a social lunch in Santa Fede at 13.00

Info: Facebook event

Spanish Neighborhoods

Tuesday 1 March at 15pm Spanish Quarters - Largo Baracche
The procession will start from Largo Baracche to move through the streets of the districts.

Info: Facebook event

Cover photo source: Francesco Grasso Photography

  • Where: Neighborhoods of Naples
  • When: from Friday 25 February 2022 to Tuesday 01 March 2022
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