Women's Day, free admission to the Capodimonte Museum for women

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Il Museum of Capodimonte in Naples celebrates Women's Day with thefree admission to all women on Tuesday 8 March 2022.

A nice initiative both to celebrate this important anniversary, the International Women's Day, both to further promote their own permanent collections and temporary exhibitions which have been set up in the beautiful royal palace.

The Capodimonte Museum, in fact, is an incredible historical and artistic heritage, one of the most important in our city, and also tomorrow 8 March you can get to know all its treasures including paintings, statues, Armory, furnishings and much more.

Temporary exhibitions in Capodimonte

There are currently some temporary exhibitions that we can visit. Here's what they are.

Andrea Bolognino. Blindness, blindness and outrage

La exhibition by Andrea Bolognino will be open until April 18 and it is a beautiful exhibition in which the author compares his modern paintings with one of the most important paintings in the Museum, namely the Parable of the Blind di Peter Brueghel the Elder. His 24 drawings stimulate us to reflect on the relationship between art and science through the theme of blinding.

Exhibition by Andrea Bolognino
Show Blindness

Cecily Brown. The Triumph of Death

Il framework of Cecily brown, Entitled The Triumph of Death, will be on display until May 1st at the Capodimonte Museum. It is a monumental canvas with dimensions of 535,94 cm x 535,94 cm which is inspired by The Triumph of Death, a work dating back to 1400 which is located in the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo. Just like for the original work, this is also divided into 4 panels that tell us about the themes of the destruction, the recovery and reconstitution.

The other collections to visit

The Raphael room

The Raphael room has been rearranged with the large cartoons by Raphael and Michelangelo which are part of the Farnese collection. It is located at first floor and at the moment the rooms that anticipate what the new arrangement will be definitive of the collection (which is now in the nineteenth century Gallery on the third floor).

The De Cicco collection

It has recently reopened and concerns the collection that Mario De Cicco donated to the State in 1958: they are 1300 pieces including works of art from different eras, which the man had collected in about 50 years. There are glass, gallantry, cases, watches, ivories, medieval enamels, sacred vestments, fabrics and much more.

Capodimonte room

The Capodimonte Armory

Finally, after years of closure, it has reopened one of the most important armories in Europe. There are the weapons of the Farnese family inherited from Charles of Bourbon who also added his personal collection. It is also embellished with diplomatic gifts and other weapons made by the Royal Factory of Naples.

The rooms from the 200th century to contemporary art

In the many other rooms of the Museum you can visit:

  • la Gallery of the Arts in Naples from the '200 to the' 700;
  • la contemporary art section;
  • Photo gallery by Mimmo Jodice with 52 photographs from 1968 to 1988
  • la section of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries;
  • the section ofPrivate nineteenth century.

Information on the Capodimonte Museum


open every day, except Wednesday


via Miano, 2

Opening hours

  • 8.30-19.30 first floor with the Cecily Brown exhibition
  • 10.00-17.30 second and third floor with the Andrea Bolognino exhibition
  • 10-16.00 Ottocento Private


  • March 8, 2022 free admission for all women
  • full 12 euro ticket
  • reduced for citizens of the European Union between 18 and 25 years of age 2 euros


Official website | 0817499111 - 081 7499130 | mu-cap@beniculturali.it

Anti-Covid rules

  • Reinforced Green Pass
  • FFP2 mask
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