Summer is now: events in Naples until September 2013

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summer is now in Naples

A rich program of cultural and artistic events promoted by the Municipality of Naples and which will last until September 2013: this is "Summer is Now"

"Summer is now”Is the program of events and shows that will be held in Naples until September 2013 and organized by the Municipality of Naples. In collaboration with the Region, cultural associations and local operators, it will include a series of entertainments such as cabaret, theater show, dance shows, workshops for the most children, cinema, street events, music, folklore and much more.

All events will take place in historic places and in the location most important of the city of Naples: for example to the Maschio Angioino, in which there will be a part of the Summer Live Tones or the legendary concert Grupo Compay Segundo of the Buena Vista Social Club, or at the Pan, where refined jazz artists will perform in the program "Aperitifs in music".

The other locations include the Naples Galleria Principe, la Mostra d'Oltremare, the Terme di Agnano, the complex of San Domenico Maggiore, the Casina Pompeiana, the Lungomare liberato and the Arena Flegrea, where, among other things, the Tango Generations Show. In addition, many shows will also be held in the historic houses parks of the various districts.

The now well-known appointment with the cineforum Agreements @ Disagreements of the Poggio Park, Chills of Summer, the show review of the Botanical Garden, e Laugh 2013, the Festival of comedy and cabaret theater at the Maschio Angioino, now in its 24th edition.


The keywords of this review are culture, e divertissementIn fact, the purpose of the municipal administration is also to encourage tourism through cultural proposals and to do it in a pleasant way. Of course, we also want to ensure that citizens are able to experience the city more fully, socializing and enriching their cultural baggage.

peppino di capri summer in Naples

One of the key events of “Summer is now” will be Peppino di Capri's concert at the Mostra d'Oltremare on 25 July. With this concert and other shows we already want to lay the foundations for the programming of the summer of 2014. In fact, the pivot of this organization is precisely the word "programming" and, as confirmed by the regional councilor for tourism, Pasquale Sommese

The five-year regional strategic plan can only have Naples, the capital of the Region and the capital of the South, as a fulcrum, but it is necessary to commune experiences and to organize events starting from Grand Tour identified by the Campania Region

To know all the events of “Summer is now”, you can consult the complete program present on the website of the Municipality of Naples.

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