The Maneskin postpone the concert in Naples for Covid: info on the new dates

Maneskin in concert
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We had been waiting for the Maneskin concert in Naples, organized with double date for 26 and 27 March 2022 al Palapartenope. Both dates had recorded the sold out.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, the band had to decide to postpone the whole tour in sports halls in Italy and Europe, with deep regret.

The bad news was given through a post and a video on the official Maneskin social networks, so the whole tour "Loud kids on tour '22”With dates across Europe will be postponed. In fact, due to the restrictions of each country and the difficulty in respecting the right timing in travel, it was also necessary to postpone to ensure the safety of the public.

The new dates

The Maneskin have announced that the concerts will be rescheduled for new dates il And March 28 29 2023.

Validity of tickets

Don't worry about the validity of the tickets because those that have already been purchased will remain valid also for the new dates that will be communicated.

The new tickets they can be purchased here.

Photo source: Maneskin Facebook page

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